Stores & Provisions

Through our global network of audited suppliers we ensure high quality standards. Bulk buying around the globe enable favourable conditions for our customers. In order to ensure best quality and we buy local specialities and fresh produce on the spot from local suppliers. Backed by years of experience and worldwide supply partners, we can arrange the swift importation of fresh supplies & ships stores,  if not available locally.

Our ability to rapidly transport all supplies to the supply location, guarantees that we only offer the freshest of products while we also ensure that provisions are maintained and packed carefully so that they reach their destination in excellent condition.


  • Personnel protective equipment
  • Hoses, couplings, valves
  • Pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, etc.
  • Charts, publications, and signages
  • Oil spill emergency equipment
  • Nautical and GMDSS equipment
  • Hatch sealing tapes
  • Radio room consumables
  • High pressure deck cleaning equipment
  • ISPS stores
  • Anti-Piracy Equipment
deck stores


  • Liferafts,lifejackets,and lifebuoys
  • Breathing sets
  • Fire and immersion suits
  • Marine distress signals,pyrotechnics
  • Transfer and descent equipment
  • Gas detectors and spares
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Foam compound
  • Navigational lights and shapes
  • Survival craft accessories
safety stores


  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Beverages and instant foods
  • Sauces and ketchup
  • Bonded store
  • Ice cream and chocolates
  • Exotic and frozen vegetables
  • Cereals and pulses
  • Cheese and dairy products
  • Drystores


  • Pneumatic and electrical tools
  • Hand tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Boltsandnuts
  • Welding equipments
  • Non sparking tools
  • Barbedwire
hardware and tools


  • Manila and nylon ropes
  • Mooring ropes and tails
  • Galvanized steel wire ropes
  • Links,turnbuckles and shackles
  • Hooks,chains,rods
  • Lifting slings and nets
  • Gangway nets
  • Fairlead mandal shackle
ropes and tackles


  • Epoxy and modified epoxy
  • Polyurethane and thinners
  • Alkyd and modified alkyd
  • Heat resistance coats
  • Anti skid,finish,speciality coats
  • Underwater, anti fouling coats
  • Airless spray machine and spares
  • Roller and flat brushes
Marine paints


  • Lifeboats, Rescue boats & Launching Appliances
  • Servicing, Refilling & Hydro Testing of Fire extinguishers, SCBA and EEBD
  • Calibration of Barometer
  • Magnetic Compass Deviation Card
  • Inspection of Fixed Co2 System
  • Water Mist System
  • Foam Systems
  • DCP Systems
  • Chemical Suits
  • Immersion suits
  • Lifebuoys
  • Lifejackets
  • Fire Hoses
  • Bunker Hose
  • Portable Gas Detectors
  • Pressure gauges
  • UTI tapes
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Temperature calibrators
  • Mid Ship hose handling crane
  • Provision Crane
  • Engine Room Crane
  • Pilot ladders and HRU’s for Liferafts and Epirbs.
annual inspection2