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Kolkata–700 017, West Bengal

Best Shipping Agency in Kolkata

S2shipping is the leading shipping partner that provides a wide range of shipping services in Kolkata.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and relationships by assisting them through our crew change services, ship spares supply, port agency services, and stores and provisions.

Our team of mariners, engineers, and charterers in Kolkata are committed to excellence.

They deliver on time to ensure that companies around the world can handle their operations in a seamless manner.

What Services do we offer in Kolkata?

We provide an extensive list of shipping and marine services in Kolkata including the following:

Shipping agents in Kolkata

Looking for professionals who can efficiently handle your shipments? We should be your number one option for shipping services in Kolkata due to our deep understanding of the industry.

Our company specializes in managing vessel operations, cargo clearance, logistics management, provision of ship store supplies, etc.

Port Agents in Kolkata

We are the best port agents in Kolkata with a team of charterers and marine specialists who have successfully helped companies with shipping operations.

They are well versed in the local regulations and procedures and take care of all port operations like cargo clearance, vessel berthing, and managing customs formalities.

Execute all your port calls in a seamless manner by connecting with our port agents in Kolkata.

Crew Change Agency in Kolkata

We are the leading crew change providers in Kolkata who can help you with the smooth operations of your vessel.

Our crew change agency provides crew logistics services including visa assistance, travel arrangements, accommodation, medical clearances, and immigration formalities.

Seek the help of our crew change specialists and port agents to minimize overall costs and optimize productivity.

Ship Spares Suppliers in Kolkata

S2shipping is the most preferred ship spares supplier and exporter of marine equipment at the most affordable prices.

The equipment that we supply spare parts for includes generators, compressors, bridge navigational equipment, purifiers, safety appliances, etc.

We have a wide network of freight forwarders to ensure a smooth supply chain for your business.

Why is S2shipping the best in the industry?

• Years of experience

We have worked with different companies in countries across the globe helping them with challenges that they face in marine operations.

Our vessel agents have thus developed a set of skills in handling shipping challenges over the years that have made them masters of their craft.

• Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

The team of dedicated shipping agents at our port agency works closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide customized solutions tailored to their needs.

Clients keep returning to avail of our shipping and husbandry services in Kolkata due to our incredible reputation and global presence.

• Commitment to quality

We offer a range of comprehensive solutions including port agency support, crew changes assistance in Kolkata, ship spares supply, provisions, and stores, vessel agents in Kolkata, etc.

But we just do not boast the number of services we offer but are also known for our commitment to standards of quality.

We maintain high levels of professionalism and commitment in all operations including vessel agents,  documentation, logistics management, and husbandry services.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.

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